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Poor Economy = Low Gold Price?

Despite some positive data, the global economy is showing signs of slowing, a remarkable development in itself when you consider all the money printing and deficit spending that’s transpired over the past few years. According to the IMF’s overview, global

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Gold premiums supported by supply crunch

(Reuters) – Gold premiums remained supported on Thursday as importers halted shipments, creating a supply shortage in the market.India’s imports of gold have halted since July 22, sending premiums for scarce stocks soaring, as traders in the world’s biggest bullion

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India’s attack on gold: Premiums double

Indian jewelers may become a casualty of the Reserve Bank of India’s gold policy: Jewelers are now paying $10 an ounce over the London gold prices, up from $4 just last week. Premiums have doubled now that Indian gold importers

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More gold curbs in the offing in India

India’s Finance Minister P Chidambaram said Monday the government would continue with its restrictions on gold imports, following the surge in inward shipments of the metal in July. Though imports were low in June, in July the tide appears to

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To check diversion, govt makes 3% value addition must for gold exports from SEZs

NEW DELHI: The government has said any gold export from the special economic zones (SEZ) must be done only after a certain minimum value has been added, a measure that is expected to further dampen demand for the precious metal.All

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India – Gold Control Results In Increased Smuggling

What happens if governments try to solve a problem by suppression? Very simple, they appear to solve one problem but create another one further down the road. Case in point: Indian’s gold demand. India has been the biggest gold market

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