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Are Gold and Silver Parting Ways?

After a very volatile late-February followed by several sharp mid-March downturns, gold and silver prices settled down for a brief period as the gold-to-silver ratio stabilized near historical norms in mid-April. Comex gold has traded range-bound between its April highs

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Is the Silver Bull Market Over?

Is the Silver Bull Market Over? This is one question that we feel very confident that the answer to it is no; but still we are specifically watching for articles or news stories suggesting that the precious metals bull market

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Gold: Alternative Investment, Foundation Asset

The World Gold Council has produced another excellent piece of research entitled ‘Gold: Alternative Investment, Foundation Asset’. The research looks at diversified portfolios which contain non-traditional assets such as private equity, hedge funds, real estate and commodities and finds that such portfolios

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Investing in Gold

If Baltimore gets hit with a major snowstorm again, my colleague Greg McCoach is one guy I wouldn’t mind getting locked in the office with. He’s smart. He’s down to earth. And he always does the dishes — even when

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