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Gold tallies second straight losing session

Gold futures finished slightly lower on Thursday to tally a second straight session of losses, with traders attributing the weakness to so-called tech

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Welcome to Bullion India!
'Buy small quantities of pure physical gold and silver at the lowest possible price- with the option of free storage or door-step deliveries!'

All the bars are 24 Carat Pure and comply with international standards and they are stored with professional security agency vaults with complete security and full insurance. We charge no commissions or brokerage. Get started with your own bullion account for free!

Advantages of investing through Bullion India
  • Availability
    Bullion India lets you purchase as little as 0.1 gram (100 milligrams) of gold and 1 gram of silver.
  • Low Spreads
    You can sell your Gold and Silver back at very low spreads.
  • Affordable
    Bullion India sells gold and silver at wholesale market prices ensuring the best rates in comparison to the market.
  • Ease of Account Opening
    Opening of account in Bullion India is a hassle free process. All that the Customer requires is access to the internet.
  • Purity Assurance
    Only 'in the loop' imported bars approved under London Good Delivery Rules are purchased.
  • Ease of Operations
    As the funds can be transferred online and the buying/selling is also carried out on a web based buying / selling platform, it is very convenient to operate.
  • Free Storage and Insurance
    No need to pay storage charges and stay relaxed with insured bullion while in vaults and in transit.
  • Minimum Documentation
    The Customer needs to upload only a scanned copy of the identity proof for successful registration.
  • No Brokerage
    There is no brokerage charged for buying, selling and redeeming at any given point of time. Only delivery charges apply at actuals.
  • Delivery at Doorstep
    The Customers can redeem their holdings and take physical delivery of the bullion at their doorstep. Delivery can also be collected from delivery centre (across India) free of cost.
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Last Updated on Feb 5, 2016
Bullion Market
Invest in a decision called Bullion India
Best Price
Bullion India Gold and Silver are most competitively priced at wholesale 'bazaar' rates.
Buy & Sell
Bullion India lets you buy and sell small & large quantities instantly at low spreads.
Physical Bars
Bullion India lets you take deliveries of as small as 0.1 gram gold bars and 1 gram silver bars at your wish.
Delivery at Doorstep
Bullion India provides deliveries at your shipping address for your convenience.
Safe and Secure
The Web Trader is highly secured for buying, selling and redemption of Gold and Silver. Bullion is stored in professional vaults, fully insured.
Customer Service
Phone, Emails and Chat support Customer services are available during trading hours.